A Minimalist Monument to Moi


Back in 2013 I had a house built. When I began the project, there was just me, so I wanted it to be for my life, my tastes, my things and done my way. It was selfish, it was self-indulgent. I didn’t care. Things didn’t work out the way I had planned, in many ways, but the journey was transformative and I felt lucky to be able to do it. The house was supposed to be a Minimalist Monument to Moi. It was a love story to my broken heart but it nearly broke me, and I nearly went broke. But in the end I finished the project and moved in. Living in it now I can’t believe the stress I was under and I can’t believe that it was me living it. You forget the pain, you forget the detail. So here’s a tip. You won’t believe it either unless you live it like I did. Live it from the start. Don’t spoil it by skipping to the end. Start here at the beginning

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